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ISBT General Knowledge for all banking PO,Clerk,IBPS PO,Railway,SSC,IAS,OAS Exams

Which of the following is the smallest bone in the human body ?

1) Vomer 2) Malleus
3) Incus 4) Stapes
Answer : Stapes
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Blood vessels that carry blood from heart to different parts of body are known as -

1) Arteries 2) Veins
3) Spleen 4) Nerves
Answer : Arteries
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Which of the following organs is called  "Powerhouse of a cell" ?
1) Chloroplast 2) Golgi Apparatus
3) Mitochondrion 4) Nucleolus
Answer : Mitochondrion
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Pure water can be obtained from sea water by the process of -
1) Filtration 2) Distillation
3) Fractional 4) Evaporation
Answer : Distillation
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In which of the following media, the speed of sound is the fastest ?
1) Water 2) Granite
3) Brick 4) Glass
Answer : Glass
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Which of the following elements is not found in blood ?
1) Magnesium 2) Iron
3) Chroium 4) Copper
Answer : Chroium
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Which of the following substances is a good conductor of heat but bad conductor of electricity ?

1) Mica 2) Purspecks
3) Asbestos 4) Celluloid
Answer : Mica
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The deficiency of which one of the vitamins causes anaemia?
1) B12 2) B6
3) D 4) B1
Answer : B12
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The Indian parliamentary system is different from the British parliamentary system in that India has
1) both a real and a nominal executive 2) a system of collective responsibility
3) bicameral legislature 4) the system of judicial review
Answer : the system of judicial review
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Who among the following decides disputes regarding election of the President ?
1) The Election Commission 2) The Parliament
3) The Supreme Court 4) Both Supreme Court and High Courts
Answer : The Supreme Court
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