ISBT Reasoning for all banking PO,Clerk,IBPS PO,Railway,SSC,IAS,OAS Exams

In a uniform circular motion if the radius is doubled the centripetal force now required is - 
1) 1- quarter as great as before 2) half as great as before
3) twice as great as before 4) four times as great as before
5)None of these
Answer : half as great as before
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An 8 V power source is charging a capacitor. How many volts will be across the capacitor at the second time constant ?
1) 1 volt 2) 3 volts
3) 5 volts 4) 7 volts
5)None of these
Answer : 7 volts
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Which of the following material used between the plates of a capacitor  ?
1) insulation material 2) dielectric material
3) separation material 4) plate-divider material
5)None of these
Answer : dielectric material
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When a circuit consists of a capacitor and a resistor in series with a voltage source, and the voltage across the resistor is zero, then the capacitor is -
1) charging 2) discharging
3) fully charged 4) fully discharged
5)None of these
Answer : fully charged
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Which material has the highest dielectric strength ?
1) Air 2) Paper
3) Mica 4) Oil
5)None of these
Answer : Mica
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What is the impedance of this circuit ?
1) 1902 2) 2098
3) 1808 4) 1498
5)None of these
Answer : 2098
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What is the capacitance of the circuit shown in the given circuit ?

1) 0.066 F 2) 0.9 F
3) 65.97 pF 4) 900 pF
5)None of these
Answer : 0.066 F
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If an open capacitor is checked with an ohmmeter, the needle will -
1) stay on zero 2) stay on infinity
3) move from zero to infinity 4) move from infinity to zero
5)None of these
Answer : stay on infinity
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What is the circuit when a resistor and an output capacitor form a series circuit with a square wave applied ?
1) an integrator 2) a differentiator
3) a multiplier 4) a divider
5)None of these
Answer : an integrator
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Which of the following is considered as a capacitor's rate of charge  ?
1) magnetic 2) a current block
3) linear 4) exponential
5)None of these
Answer : exponential
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