ISBT Reasoning for all banking PO,Clerk,IBPS PO,Railway,SSC,IAS,OAS Exams

if there are b branches and n nodes the number of equations will be
1) n-1 2) b
3) b-n 4) b-n+1
5)None of these
Answer : b-n+1
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The minimum requirements for causing flow of current are
1) a voltage source,a resistor, and a switch. 2) a voltage source and a conductor
3) a power source and a bulb 4) a voltage source,a conductor,an ammeter and a switch
5)None of these
Answer : a voltage source and a conductor
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Due to the existence of  which of the following, the current flowing in an electrical circuit ?
1) mmf 2) emf
3) Resistance 4) Reluctance
5)None of these
Answer : emf
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What is the main purpose of annealing ?
1) to improve machinability 2) to improve magnetism
3) to increase hardness 4) to increase toughness
5)None of these
Answer : to improve machinability
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The purpose of transmission in an automobile is to vary the - 
1) speed of the automobile 2) torque of the automobile
3) power of the automobile 4) fuel efficiency of the automobile
5)None of these
Answer : torque of the automobile
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Which one of the following is not the advantage of CNC machine ?
1) Reduces inspection time 2) Reduces tooling time
3) Higher initial cost 4) Higher rate of production
5)None of these
Answer : Higher initial cost
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Which one of the following processes is used for removing scratches from the previous operations ?
1) Enamelling 2) Painting
3) Oxidation 4) Polishing
5)None of these
Answer : Painting
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 In a linear system, an input of 5 sin wt produces an output of 10 cos wt. The output corresponding to input 10 cos wt will be equal to - 
1) + 5 sin wt 2) - 5 sin wt
3) + 20 sin wt 4) – 20 sin wt.
5)None of these
Answer : – 20 sin wt.
Explanation :

Sin wtCos wt Differentiating

       Cos wt2 Sin wt

An input of 10 Cos wt will cause a

Response of – 20 Sin wt.
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 For an SCR, di/dt protection is achieved through the use of  which of the following series ? 
1) R in series with SCR 2) L in series with SCR
3) RL in series with SCR 4) RLC in series with SCR
5)None of these
Answer : L in series with SCR
Explanation : For an SCR, di/dt protection is achieved through the used of L in series with SCR. A snubber circuit connected across an SCR is to suppress dv / dt.
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The electric field lines and equipotential lines - 
1) Are parallel to each other 2) Are one and the same
3) Cut each other orthogonally 4) Can be inclined to each other at any angle
5)None of these
Answer : Cut each other orthogonally
Explanation : Since no electric can exist along any surface, all points of which are at the same potential, electric field lines and equipotential lines are orthogonal to each other.
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