Chinese President Xi Jinping announces 3 lakh troop cut in the current year


  • Chinese President Xi Jinping announced that its govt. will cut three lakh troops.
  • At present, the People's Liberation Army has 2.3 million strong base.
  • Recently, China has celebrated 70th anniversary of the victory against Japan in the World War II.
  • Now, the People's Liberation Army (PLA) operate with annual defence budget of USD 145 bullion.
  • China has the second highest after US to streamline its force.
  • The PLA which was 4.5 million strong till 1980 was first resized to three million in 1985 and later to 2.3 million.
  • After taking over in 2013, Mr. Xi placed more emphasis on practical training involving live firing drills and want the army to be ready to win wars, as it acquired latest weaponry including long range missiles, new generation of aircraft, aircraft carriers as well as ground weapons.
  • The revamping of the military also comes as China is locked in a major stand off over maritime disputes in South China Sea with several East Asian countries, backed by the US as well as in the East China Sea with Japan.
  • China is locked in a border dispute with India and Bhutan on the ground, even though it settled border issues with the 12 other countries.