Sweden and Finland approved to join NATO by US Senate


  • The US Senate favored Finland and Sweden on their proposal to join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).
  • The Senate saw unanimous approval from Democrats and Republicans with a 95-1 vote.
  • The Senators termed the expansion a "slam dunk" for the country’s national security.
  • They also gave a fitting reply to Putin's invasion of Ukraine.
  • Before the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, Finland and Sweden avoided military alliances.
  • Republican Senator Josh Hawley of Missouri cast the lone dissenting vote, contending that the threat posed by China should receive considerably more attention than European security.
  • Finland and Sweden’s membership in NATO has the strong support of US President Joe Biden, who in July forwarded the issue to the Senate for consideration.
  • Currently, all 30 member nations have to approve a new country joining the NATO Alliance.
  • Each European member of NATO is required to approve another nation joining.
  • It is noted that ,present NATO Chairman: Jens Stoltenberg