World's Longest hi-speed train : China has to build.


  • China has signed a deal with Russia to build the world's longest high-speed railway connecting Beijing with Moscow in just 48 hours. 
  • This is one of the infrastructure projects worth $1.1 trillion, which have been lined up for Chinese construction companies.
  • This is part of a grandiose plan to connect China with the United States and Canada by rail. 
  • The plan involves lying tract running from north-east China to Siberia, then passing through a tunnel underneath the Pacific Ocean, cutting through Alaska and Canada to reach the continental US, according to a research paper by Wang Mengshu, an expert at the Chinese Academy of Engineering. 
  • The Beijing-Moscow line may have implications for India because it is one of the projects planned under the "Silk Road Economic belt". 
  • India has been less than enthusiastic about joining this program despite attempts by president Xi Jinping to persuade Prime Minister Narendra Modi on this score.
  • The 7,000-km long track connecting the Chinese and Russian capitals is expected to cost over $300 billion.
  • China recently signed a 30-year oil purchase deal to help Russian president Vladimir Putin tackle the ongoing financial crisis. 
  • Moscow has now returned the gesture giving the contract to Chinese railway companies.