What is 'Rurban Mission' ?

'Rurban Mission': 

  • It is the latest social sector programme: to bridge the gap between the cities and the villages on infrastructure.
  • The 'Rurban Mission' is the brain child of The Shyama Prasad Mukherji Rurban (rural-urban) mission.
  • It was announced last year to replace the UPA government’s PURA (provision of urban amenities in rural areas) initiative.
  • The programme, lifted straight out of Gujarat.
  • It will focus on creating community assets and improving basic infrastructure such as roads, shelter, power and drinking water in rural belts.
  • The scheme will spend more than `500 crore in the current financial year.
  • Last month, the PM launched two insurance schemes and a pension scheme, primarily aimed at the workers in the vast unorganised sector.
  • The original Rurban programme was launched in Gujarat in 2012 during Modi’s tenure as chief minister.
  • Now, the formation of a dedicated institutional set-up in the form of Rurban Cell under panchayat/rural development department.
  • At the micro level, the scheme will ensure building of internal roads, sewerage and drainage infrastructure.
  • For larger infrastructure, like quality schools and colleges, health centres, etc, the government will adopt a cluster development strategy.
  • Skill development will be a core area of the Rurban mission.