What is GIPC (Global Intellectual Property Center) ?


  • The Global Intellectual Property Center (GIPC) is the principal institution of the United States Chamber of Commerce handling all issues relating to intellectual property. 
  • The GIPC champions intellectual property (IP) rights as vital to creating jobs, saving lives, and advancing global economic growth.
  • The Global Intellectual Property Center was launched in October 2007 at the U.S. Chamber's 4th Annual Anti-Counterfeiting and Piracy Summit.

  • Its aims to strengthen the protection and enforcement of IP rights in the United States and abroad.
  • Promote and defend the system of IP rights and norms in the United States, key countries, and multilateral forums.
  • Increase support for IP rights as a driver of innovation and creativity.

Present Status:
  • India was ranked second from the bottom in the third edition of GIPC index, while the U.S. was at the top.
  • The first edition of 2012 mapped and compared national IP environment in 11 economies.
  • The current edition covers 30 economies, representing close to 80 % of world's gross domestic product.
  • Thailand, India, Vietnam, Indonesia, Argentina, Nigeria, Brazil and Ukraine were described as low-tier performers.
  • The index is based on 30 measurable criteria critical to innovation, including, patent, copyright and trademark protections, enforcement, and engagement in international treaties.
  • Out of the 25 sampled economies, 20 economies showed in a positive direction with 11 economies making substantial progress.
  • India was ranked 11 with a score of 7.23 out of 30 against 6.95 % in the last edition.
  • According to it, India's patentability requirements remained outside established international best practices.
  • Also, there is a lack of specific IP rights for the life sciences sector. 
  • It finds high levels of physical and online piracy in India.