What is e-Gopala App ?

 e-Gopala App : 

  • PM Modi launched the e-Gopala App, a comprehensive breed improvement marketplace and information portal for direct use of farmers.
  • E-Gopala app will be a digital medium which will help livestock owners to choose advanced livestock’s.
  • This app will give all information related to productivity, health and diet to the cattle owners.e-Gopala App is an information portal for the direct use of farmers. 
  • The app is a comprehensive breed improvement marketplace. 
  • Currently, there is no digital platform is available in the country for farmers to manage livestock including selling and buying of disease-free germplasm in all forms.
  • The app will guide farmers for animal nutrition, treatment of animals using appropriate ayurvedic medicine/ethnoveterinary medicine.
  • The app is expected to meet the need. The digital platform will manage the availability of quality breeding services like Artificial Insemination, veterinary first aid, vaccination, treatment, etc.
  • The e-Gopala App will provide solutions to farmers by sending alerts on the due date for vaccination, pregnancy diagnosis, calving, etc and inform farmers about various government schemes and campaigns in the area.