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In the Lok Sabha,Leader of Opposition is a statutory requirement on the panels which select the __:
1) Chief Vigilance Commissioner 2) Chairperson of National Human Rights Commission
3) Lok Pal 4) All of above
Answer : All of above
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who is the current lok sabha speaker in india?
1) Sumitra Mahajan 2) L.K. Advani
3) Amit shah 4) sonia gandhi
Answer : Sumitra Mahajan
Explanation : Eight-term member Sumitra Mahajan was on Friday unanimously elected Speaker of the 16th Lok Sabha, becoming the second woman presiding officer of the lower house after her predecessor Meira Kumar. 
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Mahe, which is situated on the Malabar coast on the Western Ghats, is a part of 
1) Kerala 2) Maharashtra
3) Pondicherry 4) Tamilnadu
Answer : Pondicherry
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Sariska and Ranthambore are the reserves for which of the following animals?
1) Lion 2) Deer
3) Tiger 4) Bear
Answer : Tiger
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Where was the first Biosphere Reserve set up in India?
1) Nilgiri 2) Nanda Devi
3) Gulf of Mannar 4) Great Nicobar
Answer : Nilgiri
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Which of the following layer of the atmosphere maintains an almost uniform temperature?
1) Troposphere 2) Tropopouse
3) Stratosphere 4) Ionosphere
Answer : Stratosphere
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Which of the following is/are correctly matched? 
 1) Manas ----------- Tiger 
 2) Dachigam ---------- Hangul
 3)Madumalai ----------- Elephant
 4)Kaziranga ----------- Rhinoceros
1) only 1 & 2 2) only 2, 3 & 4
3) only 1, 3 & 4 4) All correct
Answer : All correct
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Which are of the following coal field is known as "Storehouse of the best metallurgical coal in India"?
1) Ranjganj 2) Bokaro
3) Jharia 4) Talcher
Answer : Jharia
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Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research is located in which of the following cites?
1) Kakrapara 2) Kolkata
3) Kaiga 4) Kalpakam
Answer : Kalpakam
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Ankaleshawar in India is known for the production of
1) Bauxite 2) Petroleum
3) Iron Ore 4) coal
Answer : Petroleum
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