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The Civil Disobedience Movement started with which of the following ?
1) No-tax campaign in Bardoli district 2) Demonstration of Akali Sikhs at Nabha
3) Demonstration against the Simon Commission 4) Dandi March
Answer : Dandi March
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Among the following who was a prominent leader of Khilafat Movement ?
1) Jawaharlal Nehru 2) Mahatma Gandhi
3) Rajendra Prasad 4) Vallabhbhai Patel
Answer : Mahatma Gandhi
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What was the name of the party formed by Subhas Chandra Bose after leaving Indian National Congress? 
1) Congress Socialist Party 2) Forward Bloc
3) Indian National Conference 4) Swaraj Party
Answer : Forward Bloc
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In whose court was a Chinese embassy sent by T'ang Emperor ?
1) Rajaraja I 2) Rajendra I
3) Harsha 4) Parantaka I
5)None of these
Answer : Harsha
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Tripitakas are the Sacred books of the-
1) Jains 2) Hindus
3) Muslims 4) Buddhists
5)None of these
Answer : Buddhists
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Raja Rammohan Roy organized a historic agitation against the -
1) Caste system 2) Evil custom of sati
3) Degrading position of women in society 4) Practice of superfluous religious rituals
5)None of these
Answer : Evil custom of sati
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 Which Mughal emperor was the grandson of Jahangir ?
1) Shah Jahan 2) Aurangzeb
3) Shah Alam 4) Bahadur Shah
Answer : Aurangzeb
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Official stamping of weights and measures and their periodical inspection are prescribed by -
1) Manu 2) Narada
3) Brihaspati 4) Parasara
5)None of these
Answer : Manu
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The last Mauryan ruler, who was killed by his Commander-in-Chief  ?

1) Dasaratha 2) Kun-ala
3) Samprati 4) Brihadratha
5)None of these
Answer : Brihadratha
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Which king of the Gupta Dynasty was called the 'Napoleon of India' ?
1) Samudragupta 2) Chandragupta Vikramaditya
3) Sri Gupta 4) Chandragupta-I
5)None of these
Answer : Samudragupta
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