ISBT Reasoning for all banking PO,Clerk,IBPS PO,Railway,SSC,IAS,OAS Exams

Pelton turbine is a -

1) reaction turbine 2) radial inward flow turbine
3) impulse turbine 4) axial flow turbine
5)None of these
Answer : impulse turbine
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Draft tube is used in case of -
1) Pelton turbine 2) Pelton and Francis turbine
3) Kaplan and Pelton turbine 4) Francis and Kaplan turbine
5)None of these
Answer : Francis and Kaplan turbine
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The sinuous path taken by an engine as against the alignment of the track is known as:
1) Rolling motion 2) Nosing motion
3) Lurching motion 4) Vibration
5)None of these
Answer : Nosing motion
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The practical unit of power is -
1) Joule 2) Ampere
3) Watt 4) Weber
5)None of these
Answer : Joule
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The possibility of negative slip in reciprocating pump is when-
1) Delivery pipe is short 2) Suction pipe is long
3) Pump is running at high speed 4) All of the above
5)None of these
Answer : All of the above
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A feeler gauge is used to check-
1) Radius 2) Screw pitch
3) Surface roughness 4) Unsymmetrical shape
5)Thickness of clearance
Answer : Thickness of clearance
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A voltage will influence current only if the circuit is:
1) insulated 2) closed
3) open 4) high resistance
5)None of these
Answer : closed
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