US sanctions Iran's central bank in highest ever sanctions on a nation


  • US President Donald Trump announced a new round of sanctions against Iran's central bank, calling the new penalties the highest sanctions ever imposed on a country.
  • His remarks came days after he ordered to substantially increase sanctions on Iran.
  • The sanctions come after the US blamed Iran for the drone attacks on two Saudi oil facilities last week.
  • The latest sanctions action against Tehran affected the last source of funds for Iran.
  • The action comes after Washington accused Iran for the weekend attacks on Saudi oil refineries.
  • He ordered the Treasury Department to substantially increase sanctions on the country.
  • Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif blasted the new round of sanctions.
  • Iranian foreign ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi that the sanctions against Iran's Central Bank are nothing new, but same old bans in a different form.
  • The US to accept that the policy of sanctions is a failed one.