Chang’e 4 spacecraft became the first ever to land on the far side of the moon


  • Chinese spacecraft Chang'e 4 became the first ever  spacecraft to land on the far side of the moon. 
  • Chang'e 4 is the name of the Chinese lunar exploration mission that achieved the first soft-landing on the far side of the Moon, on 3 January 2019. 
  • It was launched by the China National Space Administration (CNSA) and this robotic probe landed in the unexplored South Pole-Aitken basin, the largest, oldest, deepest, crater on the moon’s surface.
  • It was launched from the Earth on 7 December 2018 and it entered Moon’s orbit on 12 December 2018. 
  • Like its predecessors, the spacecraft is named after Chang'e, the Chinese Moon goddess.