India's first specialised hospital for elephants opens in Mathura


  • India’s first specialized hospital for elephants was formally opened Churmura village in Mathura district of Uttar Pradesh
  • India is home to 50-60 % of all the elephants in Asia.
  • However, elephants in India are facing a variety of problems, with respect to habitat loss, use in the entertainment industry, lack of medical facilities.
  • Poaching is the other very serious threat.
  • Concern for the threat to the elephant led to the formation in 1992 of the government-backed 'Project Elephant'.
  • This scheme was intended to preserve habitat and establish elephant corridors, allowing for the traditional migration patterns of established elephant herds.
  • Wildlife SOS has launched India's first and fully equipped hospital dedicated to elephants in collaboration with Uttar Pradesh Forest Department.
Key points of the hospital:
  • 1. The hospital has modern medical facilities for treatment of injured elephants in distress like Wireless Digital X-Ray, Laser Treatment, Dental X-Ray, Thermal imaging, Ultrasonography, Hydrotherapy, Tranquilization Equipment and Quarantine facilities.
  • 2. The hospital is located near Agra, in the Farah block of Mathura near the Elephant Conservation and Care Center (ECCC) run by Wildlife SOS
  • 3. The Wildlife SOS Elephant Hospital is designed to treat injured, sick or geriatric elephants and is equipped with a medical hoist for lifting elephants requiring critical care, a pathology laboratory, digital weighing scale, Elephant Restraining Device (ERD) with a dedicated indoor treatment enclosure for longer medical procedures.
  •  4. India's first elephant hospital is jumbo sized with a built-up area of nearly 12,000 square feet with observation area for overnight monitoring of elephants under treatment using Close Circuit Infra-Red CCTV cameras.
  • 5. Training courses will be organized by Wildlife SOS to spread knowledge on elephant medical care, humane elephant management and veterinary procedures to spread compassion.
About Wildlife SOS:
  • Wildlife SOS was established in 1995 by a small group of individuals inspired to start a movement and make lasting change to protect and conserve India's natural heritage, forest and wildlife wealth.
  • Today, the organisation has evolved to actively work towards protecting Indian wildlife, conserving habitat, studying biodiversity, conducting research and creating alternative and sustainable livelihoods for erstwhile poacher communities or those communities that depend on wildlife for sustenance.
  • WSOS is also known for their efforts at rescue and rehabilitation of sloth bears and more recently elephants. It also runs active projects focused on mitigation of human-wildlife conflict with regard to species.
  • Wildlife SOS established the first Elephant Conservation and Care Center (ECCC) in 2010.
  • Currently,it is providing lifetime care and treatment for over 20 rehabilitated pachyderms, rescued from illegal captivity and circuses where they were ill-treated and subjected to cruelty.
  • Today, the ECCC is a living, breathing model of humane elephant care and treatment and a result of a collaboration between Wildlife SOS and the State Forest Department of Uttar Pradesh.
  • The Elephant Hospital was built entirely with private donations and CSR support.