Global hunger on rise in insurgency : UN


  • According to the United Nations report, the number of hungry people in the world is growing in large extent.
  • The main cause is due to climate change that is wreaking havoc on crop production in much of the developing world,
  • The number of hungry people facing chronic food deprivation increased to 821 million in 2017 from 804 million in 2016, reversing recent downward trends.
  • South America and Africa showed the worst increase.
  • Climate variability, extreme drought and floods are already undermining production of wheat, rice and maize in tropical and temperate regions, and that the trend is expected to worsen as temperatures increase and become more extreme.
  • With hunger on the rise for the past three years, the report called for policies to target groups most vulnerable to malnutrition, including infants, children, adolescent girls and women.
  • It called for greater efforts to promote policies that help communities build resilience.
  • If the world is failing today with a population at 7.5 billion and all the wealth and technology that is available.
  • But 30 years from now when world have 10 billion people, when people in London, in Washington, D.C., and Chicago and Paris don’t have enough to eat.