International Day of Cooperatives (IDC) was observed on July 7


  • The International Day of Cooperatives (IDC) was observed on July 7 (first Saturday of July) across the world to promote co-operative model as it contains core aspects of sustainable development and is based on ethical values and principles.
  • At a time when income inequality is rising around the world, it is good to be reminded that solutions to inequality do exist.
  • The co-operative model is foremost among these solutions, since it contains aspects of sustainable development at its core and is based on ethical values and principles.
  • 2018 theme: Sustainable societies through cooperation.
  • On 7 July 2018, members of cooperatives around the world celebrate the International Day of Cooperatives.
  • Through the slogan Sustainable societies through cooperation they will show how, thanks to their values, principles and governance structures, cooperatives have sustainability and resilience at their core, with concern for community as the seventh of their guiding principles.
  • By their very nature, cooperatives play a triple role:
  • As economic actors they create opportunities for jobs, livelihoods and income generation
  • As people-centered enterprises with social goals they contribute to social equity and justice
  • As democratic institutions, they are controlled by their members, playing a leading role in society and local communities.
International Co-operative Day (IDC) :
  • IDC is an annual celebration of the co-operative movement.
  • It has been observed on first Saturday in July since 1.923 by International Co-operative Alliance (ICA).
  • It was proclaimed as first Saturday of July by United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) by adopting resolution 47/90 on December 16, 1992 to mark the centenary of establishment of the International Cooperative Alliance (ICA).
  • Since 1995, United Nations’ International Day of Co-operatives has been observed jointly alongside International Co-operative Day.