Indian tea industry records highest ever production, export in FY-2018


  • The Indian tea industry recorded the highest ever production as well as export for the 2017-18 financial year.
  • Tea production for the financial year was recorded at 1,325.05 million kg, up from 1,250.49 million kg – an increase by 74.56 million kg or 5.96%.
  • Meanwhile tea export stood at 256.57 million kg, an increase of 28.94 million kg or 12.71%, compared with last year’s tea export of 227.63 million kg.
  • The amount of foreign exchange obtained from tea exports for 2017-18 was $785.92 million. 
  • In contrast tea exports earned $690.73 million in 2016-17 – an increase of $95.19 million or 13.78%.