Pakistan elects first Hindu Dalit woman to Senate


  • Rights activist Krishna Kumari Kohli has became the first-ever Hindu Dalit woman to be elected to Pakistan’s Senate.
  • The 39-year-old Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) leader from a village in Tharparkar is also the first-ever senator from a scheduled caste.
  • Kumari’s rise, however, wasn’t easy. Born to a poor family in February 1979, she belongs to the Kohli community.
  • Kumari hails from Nagarparkar where women are still deprived of basic facilities.
  • She battled hunger and poverty as a child and was also a victim of bonded labour.
  • When Kumari was a grade 3 student, she and her family were confined to a private jail for nearly three years.
  • The jail was allegedly owned by the landlord of Kunri of Umerkot district.
  • At 16, Kumari got married to Lalchand who supported her education and she got her masters degree in 2013 from Sindh University.
  • As an activist, she worked against bonded labour, sexual harassment at workplaces, and for the rights of women and the people of her village.