Mnangagwa returns home, to be next president of Zimbabwe


  • Zimbabwe's incoming leader Emmerson Mnangagwa emerged from hiding, departing from neighboring South Africa to return home in preparation to take power after Robert Mugabe's stunning resignation.
  • The 75-year-old Mnangagwa fled Zimbabwe after Mugabe fired him earlier this month.
  • Mnangagwa met with South African President Jacob Zuma in a jovial "courtesy call" before taking a private jet from Johannesburg to Zimbabwe's capital, Harare.
  • He will be sworn in as Zimbabwe's new president.
  • The ruling ZANU-PF party notified him of its nomination of Mnangagwa to replace Mugabe until the end of the current term next year.
  • Zimbabweans were still reeling from Mugabe's resignation.
  • After the end of white minority rule in 1980, Zembawe  was overtaken by economic collapse, government dysfunction and human rights violations.
  • Mnangagwa was Mugabe's long time deputy who was pushed aside as unpopular first lady Grace Mugabe positioned herself to replace him and succeed her husband.
  • Mnangagwa fled the country, claiming threats against his life.
  • It was not clear what the 93-year-old Robert Mugabe and his wife would do next.
  • Mugabe  was the world's oldest head of state.
  • Zimbabweans woke up to the first day in 37 years without Mugabe in power.
  • Mnangagwa is a former justice and defense minister who served for decades as Mugabe's enforcer, a role that earned him the nickname "Crocodile."
  • Many opposition supporters believe he was instrumental in the army killings of thousands of people when Mugabe moved against a political rival in the 1980s.