Yoga guru Baba Ramdev made Haryana's brand ambassador


  • The Haryana Govt. has ambitious plans to promote yoga and ayurveda in a big way has appointed yoga guru Ramdev its brand ambassador.
  • A herbal forest would be developed over thousands of acres of land in the state where plants of 25 thousand species of ayurvedic herbs would be grown under the supervision of the yoga guru and his close aide Balkrishna.
  • Yoga would be made a compulsory subject in Haryana's schools for which yogshalas would be constructed in all the towns and about 6500 villages of the state under the guidance of Ramdev.
  • Zero period in all schools of Haryana would be yoga period and the PT teachers would have to undergo a training in yoga under the guidance of the yoga guru.
  • An ayush wing was being established in all the hospitals of Haryana for which 550 doctors would have to do a refresher course under the supervision of the yoga guru.