International Conference on Hindi : New Jersey going to host in April,2015.


  • The international conference on Hindi going to be host by New Jersey which is held in April 2015.
  • The theme of the International Hindi Conference is "Expanding World of Hindi: Possibilities and Challenges,".
  • Hindi scholars from various parts of the world, to be attended by in particular from the US and India between April 3-5, 2015.
  • The participants of the International Hindi Conference would discuss the current status of the teaching and learning of Hindi among other things.
  • The participants are also expected to discuss individual and organisational partnerships and leadership and field capacity building and infrastructure building skills and topics.
  • The theme of the conference reflects the growing urgency for coordinated efforts by the language education (public and private), government and business communities to expand and develop the quality of the Hindi field inside and outside of India.
  • This conference will provide a forum for community members and leaders, language experts, policy makers, education administrators, advocates and other stakeholders from different parts of the US, Canada, South America and Caribbean countries along with experts from India .