DBTL scheme Launchs in 28 districts from 01.01.2015


  • The Direct Benefit Transfer of LPG (DBTL) scheme will kick off in 28 districts in allover India from 01.01.2015 
  • The districts are part of the second phase in which 622 districts across the country will have a re-launch of the scheme in the New Year.
  • In the first phase of the re-launch on November 15, 2014, 54 districts across the country were covered, including Mysuru and Tumakuru. 
  • In Karnataka, of 93 lakh LPG consumers, 40 lakh have already become Cash Transfer Compliant (CTC). This is designed to ensure that the benefit meant for the genuine domestic customer reaches them directly. In this way, public money will be saved.
  • The consumer, who wish to join the scheme, will have to either link their Aadhaar number with their bank account and their LPG consumer number, or, if they do not possess Aadhaar number, they will have to link their bank account directly with their 17-digit LPG ID. 
  • The customer will get the cylinders at market price after joining the scheme, and will receive LPG subsidy directly into the bank account.
  • For the consumer, who joins the scheme now, a sum of Rs. 568 will be paid in advance to his bank account soon after making the first booking for a cylinder after joining the scheme to ensure he/she has the extra money required to pay for the first LPG cylinder at market price. 
  • This amount is in addition to the subsidy due on each cylinder.