World Elephant Day is observed on 12 August


  • World Elephant Day is observed on 12 August. 
  • The international annual event is observed to create awareness about preserving and protecting the elephant across the world. 
  • The Day urges the importance to protect the intelligent and huge animal from extinction.
World Elephant Day: Brief History
  • The first international Elephant Day was celebrated on 12 August 2012. 
  • The observation of World Elephant Day was initiated by the Elephant Reintroduction Foundation and filmmakers Patricia Sims and Michael Clark. 
  • The day was officially launched on 12 August 2012. World Elephant Day is dedicated to the preservation and protection of the world's elephants. 
  • The main objective of the World Elephant Day is to create awareness on elephant conservation and to share knowledge and positive solutions for the better protection and management of wild and captive elephants.
  • World Elephant Day aims to make people understand the need for better protection for elephants and other wild animals. 
  • Elephants face threats like mistreatment in captivity, poaching, Human-elephant conflict, and loss of habitats. 
  • Elephants are listed under the IUCN Red List of threatened species:
  • Asian elephants are listed as Endangered species
  • The African elephant is currently listed as Vulnerable species.