Andrzej Duda wins the 2020 Presidential Election by a Narrow Margin


  • The Incumbent President of Poland- Andrzej Duda has secured a victory in the 2020 Presidential Election of Poland on 12th July 2020.
  • Andrzej Duda has secured 1,04,13,094 (1 crore 4 lakh 13 thousand 94 votes) votes in the Second Round of the Election to cross the majority figure marginally with 51.21 % of the total valid votes.
  • Duda’s opponent Rafal Trzaskowski secured 99,21,219 (99 lakh 21 thousand 219 votes) to finish at second place with 48.79 percent of the total valid votes. 
  • The population of Poland as per the 2019 data available is a little above 3.8 crores. 
  • The turnout of 68.90 percent was registered during the Second Round of voting.
  • Andrzej Duda’s current term will expire on 6th August 2020, with this win, he will continue as the President of Poland for another five-year term.
Election Background:
  • The First Round of the 2020 Election for the Presidential post in Poland was conducted on 28th June 2020. In the First Round, a total of 11 candidates contested for the post of President out of which Andrzej Duda gained the highest 43.50 % of the total valid vote share followed by Rafal Trzaskowski with 30.46 % in the second place. 
  • The Second-Round election was conducted on 12th July 2020.