World Zoonoses Day is annually observed on 6 July


  • World Zoonoses Day is annually observed on 6 July. 
  • The day is observed with an aim to create awareness on zoonotic diseases, measures to prevent them, and how to treat it if exposed. 
  • The day is observed to honor Louis Pasteur who successfully administered the first Rabies virus vaccine, a zoonotic disease.
Zoonoses:  A fact file
  • The word 'Zoonoses' is derived from the Greek words zoon (animal) and nosos (ailment). Zoonoses is all about the spread of infectious disease between species, done by a vector from animals to humans and from human to other animals. 
  • There about 150 known zoonotic diseases.
  • People who work with wildlife are exposed to the potential for disease transmission from animals. 
  • People get infected with zoonotic diseases from contact with infected live poultry, reptiles, rodents, insects, amphibians, and other domestic and wild animals.