May 28: World Hunger Day


  • Every year, May 28 is marked as World Hunger Day. 
  • The World Hunger Day is an initiative of the Hunger Project.
  • The United Nations aims to increase agricultural productivity. 
  • This is to feed 820 million people that are with inadequate food security.
  • The UN predicts that 2 billion are to come under poverty and face hunger by 2050. 
  • In order to eliminate hunger, the Sustainable Development Goal of “Zero Hunger” was included India India in 2019-20 produced 281.95 million tonnes of food grains.
  • Still 69% of deaths of children under 5 in India is due to malnutrition. 
  • The data was provided by the State of World Children Report. 
  • Also, India ranks at 102nd position in Global Hunger Index.
  • Current Scenario of India World Bank says that Human Capital Index of India is 0.44.
  • This means that an Indian child grows only to 44% of her potential.
  • Around 55% of Indian Children (of age 6 months to 23 months) had zero consumption of vegetables. 
  • This is mainly due to lack of breast feeding and diet diversity.