Russia constructs its first Stealth Bomber


  • Under its Perspective Aviation Complex for Long Range Aviation (PAKDA) programme, Russia has constructed its first Stealth Bomber.
  • Russia is currently modernizing its military at a very fast pace. 
  • The Stealth Bomber is one such advancement.
  • The bomber is the second-generation combat aircraft after Sukhoi Su-57 supersonic fighter jet.
  • The Stealth Bomber has been developed under PAKDA programme.
  • The PAKDA programme is to use latest technologies to reduce its radar signature.
  • This will make Russian weapons and bombers invisible to enemies.
  • The first test flight of PAKDA bomber is to be conducted in 2021-22.
  • India is one of the largest Defence Partners of Russia India-Russia India and Russia signed 14 Memorandums of Understanding in February 2020.
  • This was held during Defexpo 2020. 
  • This included production of S400 missiles and production of Kamov helicopters and Kalashnikov rifles.
  • The active participants in the defence deal included HAL, DRDO, BHEL, etc. 
  • The deals are set to cross 16 billion USD.
  • India is to buy Ka-226 helicopters from Russia.