NAL develops BiPAP Non-Invasive Ventilator SwasthVayu in 36 days for coronavirus


  • CSIR-National Aerospace Laboratories (NAL) Bangalore has developed SwasthVayu, a Non-Invasive Bilevel Positive Airway Pressure (BiPAP) Ventilator in a record time of 36 days to treat COVID-19 patients.
SwasthVayu: A fact file
  • BiPAP Non-Invasive ventilator is a microcontroller-based precise closed-loop adaptive control system with a built-in biocompatible 3D printed manifold & coupler with Highly Efficient Particulate Air Filter (HEPA Filter).
  •  he system has been developed with unique features help to alleviate the fear of the virus spread. 
  • It has features like Spontaneous, CPAP, Timed, AUTO BIPAP modes with provision to connect Oxygen concentrator or Enrichment unit externally.
  • The system has been certified for safety and performance by NABL accredited agencies.
  • The system has undergone stringent biomedical tests and beta clinical trials at NAL Health Centre.
  • SwasthVayu machine is simple to use without any specialized nursing, cost-effective, compact and configured with a majority of indigenous components.
  • BIPAP Non-Invasive Ventilator has been developed with an externally connected Oxygen concentrator which will be ideal to treat moderate or mid-stage severe COVID-19 patients who do not require intubation and invasive ventilation.