India ranked fifth-biggest geopolitical risk of 2020 by Eurasia Group


  • Eurasia Group reported that India is one of the world's top geopolitical risks for 2020. 
  • The political risk consultancy India under Prime Minister Narendra Modi was listed as the fifth biggest geopolitical risk of 2020.
Report Highlights:
  • Eurasia Group is one of the United States' most influential risk assessment companies.
  • The report said that the Indian PM Narendra Modi has spent much of his second term to promote the controversial social policies, include the revocation of the special status for Jammu and Kashmir through an Act, at the expense of an economic agenda.
  • It also highlighted that the impacts will be shown in 2020, with intensified communal and sectarian instability, foreign policy and economic setbacks.
  • The list was topped by-elections in the US and followed by events and developments like the US-China technology tug of war on 5G and the trade war between China and the US.