Maharashtra Govt launches Cyber Safe Women initiative


  • Maharashtra Government launched a Cyber Safe Women initiative under which awareness camps held across all the districts of the state regarding cyber safety. 
  • The initiative will help in educating women about how the web is used by anti-social elements and child predators to commit various types of crimes. 
  • The instances of cyber-crime need to be curbed, and the government is looking to take all measures to ensure that women and children to these criminal activities.
Cyber Safe Women initiative:
  • The important to discuss the best practices openly for surfing the internet. 
  • The best practices are given below. 
  • The sensitive information on any social media, which is private, should be secured using complex passwords. 
  • Printers, wifi, webcams, and computers, should be shut down and not kept continuously open when not in use. 
  • Do not access the links to which an email can direct you and then ask you for personal information. 
  • The net banking does not adopt google search or other search and instead of typing the correct address of your bank yourself in the address bar.