India sets record for highest number of babies born on New Year Day


  • India recorded the highest number of babies born worldwide on New Year's Day.
  • The world's second-most populous country registering an estimated 67,385 births out of the nearly 400,000 babies born globally on that day.
UNICEF - Birth Ratio Count:
  • Around 400,000 babies were born around the world on New Year's Day, with India recording the highest number of these births worldwide at 67,385.
  • The 392,078 babies were born around the world on New Year’s Day, according to UNICEF.
  • An estimated 67,385 babies were born in India. Globally, over half of these births were estimated to have taken place in eight countries - India (67,385), China (46,299), Nigeria (26,039), Pakistan (16,787), Indonesia (13,020), United States of America (10,452), Democratic Republic of Congo (10,247) and Ethiopia (8,493).
  • The remarkable world progress in child survival cutting the number of children worldwide who die before their fifth birthday by more than half.
  • Babies dying in the first month accounted for 47 percent of all deaths among children under five in 2018.