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Which corporate entity on 26 October 2017 became the first Indian company to cross Rs. 6 trillion market capitalization ? 
1) NALCO 2) Wipro
3) Tata Power Ltd. 4) Reliance Industries Ltd (RIL)
5)None of these
Answer : Reliance Industries Ltd (RIL)
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Which country’s passport was ranked as the World’s most powerful passport in a new ranking of world passports released on 26 October 2017 by website Passport Index ? 
1) India 2) Singapore
3) Germany 4) Sweden
5)None of these
Answer : Singapore
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Who won the 2017 Nobel Prize for Economics as was announced by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences on 9 October 2017 ?
1) Raghuram Rajan 2) Richard Thaler
3) Kazuo Ishiguro 4) Joachim Frank
5)None of these
Answer : Richard Thaler
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Which port trust was renamed as Deendayal Port Trust by the Union Government on 25 September 2017 ?  
1) Kandla 2) Chennai
3) Kolkatta 4) Vishakhapatnam
5)None of these
Answer : Kandla
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Which state is poised to become the first in the country where entire assembly poll will be conducted using the EVMs equipped with Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trail (VVPAT) ? 
1) Kerala 2) Madhya Pradesh
3) Rajasthan 4) Gujarat
5)None of these
Answer : Gujarat
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According to World Economic Forum' Global Competitiveness Report, India is World's 40th Most Competitive Economy in the World. Which of the following country stood No.1 in that ranking ? 
1) Switzerland 2) Norway
3) USA 4) Singapore
5)None of these
Answer : Switzerland
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What is India’s rank in World Economic Forum’s (WEF) global competitiveness index that was released on 26 September 2017? 
1) 32nd 2) 36th
3) 40th 4) 42nd
5)None of these
Answer : 40th
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Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 25 September 2017 launched a scheme called  ‘Saubhagya – Pradhan Mantri Sahaj Bijli Har Ghar Yojana’ to provide electricity to all citizen living in –
1) Urban households only 2) Rural households only
3) Rural and Urban households 4) Metro city households only
5)None of these
Answer : Rural and Urban households
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What is the new minimum average monthly balance (MAB) requirement for SBI’s savings account holders as was revised by the bank on 25 September 2017 ?
1) Rs. 2,000 2) Rs. 2,500
3) Rs. 3,000 4) Rs. 3,500
5)5) None of these
Answer : Rs. 3,000
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On 25th September 2017, Which of the following (nationalize / public bank) sector opened its sixth branch in Singapore ?
1) State Bank of India (SBI) 2) Bank of India
3) Punjab National Bank 4) Bank of Baroda
5)None of these
Answer : State Bank of India (SBI)
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