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In economy, the term QIP stands for___?
1) Qualif ied Invest ment Project 2) Qualified Institutional Placement
3) Quarterly Invest ment Programme 4) Quality Improvement Programme
Answer : Qualified Institutional Placement
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Which among the following is not PKI-enabled electronic payments system introduced by RBI ?
1) CBLO 2) CTS
3) Forex Clearing 4) MICR
5)None of these
Answer : MICR
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Which among the following organisations publishes the "Global Information Technology Report ", annually ?

1) World Economic Forum 2) World Trade Organisation
3) International Telecommunication Union 4) World Bank
5)None of these
Answer : World Economic Forum
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The ASBA (Applicat ion Supported by Blocked Amount ) plat form to facilitate smooth participation in the initial public offering market was int roduced by ___?

1) RBI 2) SEBI
3) BSE 4) NSE
5)None of these
Answer : SEBI
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According to State of Forest report -2013, which among the following states has lost maximum forest cover in the country ?
1) Madhya Pradesh 2) West Bengal
3) Maharashtra 4) Andhra Pradesh
5)None of these
Answer : Andhra Pradesh
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The Loktak lake, which is also called t he only Float ing lake in the world is in which state?
1) Punjab 2) Kerala
3) Haryana 4) Manipur
Answer : Manipur
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