ISBT Awareness for all banking PO,Clerk,IBPS PO,Railway,SSC,IAS,OAS Exams


What is the target of fiscal deficit for 2014-15 as announced by the Finance Minister in the Union Budget for 2014-15 ?  

1) 4.5% of GDP 2) 4.4% of GDP
3) 4.1% of GDP 4) 4.0% of GDP
Answer : 4.1% of GDP
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Which public sector financial entity celebrated its Golden Jubilee during July 2014?       

1) LIC 2) IDBI
3) UTI 4) NHB
5)None of these
Answer : IDBI
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The name of Vakrangee Limited, Prizm Payment Services and Muthoot Finance came to news in context with which of the following fields ?

1) Ban on NBFCs proposed by the RBI 2) New banking licences
3) Setting up of Payments Banks 4) Setting up of white label ATMs
5)None of these
Answer : Setting up of white label ATMs
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A Cross Cheque is one, which can be encashed only;
1) by the drawee 2) through a bank
3) through the SBI 4) after it has been transferred to another person
Answer : through a bank
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Commercial  Banks finance rural credit directly and through : 
1) NABARD 2) Rural Banks
3) Co-operative Societies 4) State Government
5)None of these
Answer : Rural Banks
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The maximum amount of the total revenue earned by the government of India comes from-

1) Income Tax 2) VAT
3) Customs Duty 4) Excise Duty
5)Corporate Tax
Answer : Corporate Tax
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Present minimum & maximum limit for RTGS transactions is ____.
1) Rs.50000, Rs 200000 2) Rs.5 lac, Rs 10 lac
3) Rs. 2 lac, Rs 5 lac 4) Rs. 1 lac, No Limit
5)Rs. 2 lac, No Limit
Answer : Rs. 2 lac, No Limit
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Which among the following organization has got the principal approval from the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) for establishing as well as operating White Label ATMs (WLAs) ?
1) Muthoot Finance 2) Union Bank of India
3) LIC (Life Corporation of India) 4) NICL (National Insurance Company Limited)
5)None of these
Answer : Muthoot Finance
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Which of the following tool is used frequently by the RBI to control credit and monetary situations of the markets in the country?
1) Cash Reserve Ratio 2) Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS)
3) Balance of Trade 4) Forward Trade Agreements
5)Electronic Clearing Service
Answer : Cash Reserve Ratio
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Which of the following is not a tool in the hands of RBI to control the inflationary pressure in the country ?
1) Bank Rate 2) Special Drawing Rights (SDR)
3) Statutory Liquidity Ratio (SLR) 4) Cash Reserve Ratio (CRR)
5)None of these
Answer : Special Drawing Rights (SDR)
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