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Which India institute / University has placed top ranking in India out of top 500 universities in the World ?
1) IIT Delhi 2) IIT-Bombay
3) IIS Bangalore 4) JNU Delhi
5)None of these
Answer : IIT-Bombay
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Rayapati Sambasiva Rao has been appointed as the head the parliamentary committee on violations of protocol and contemptuous behavior of government officials, recently. He is appointed by- 

1) President 2) Speaker of Lok Sabha
3) Prime Minister 4) Chief Justice of India
Answer : Speaker of Lok Sabha
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Recently,the Union Government signed an agreement with Asian Development Bank (ADB) for a Rs.284 crore loan for improving urban services and strengthening municipal and project management capacity in several towns for which state ?

1) Maharashtra 2) Karnata
3) Andhra Pradesh 4) Odisha
5)None of these
Answer : Karnata
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Recently, which of the following city of India becomes new hub for Global Bank’s back offices ?

1) Mumbai 2) Bangalore
3) Chennai 4) Pune
5)None of these
Answer : Pune
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Which Indian Software company has opened Saudi Arabia's first all-female business process centre and will provide employment to up to 3,000 women in three years ?

1) Wipro 2) TCS
3) Infosys 4) Tech Mahindra
5)None of these
Answer : TCS
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Jiten Paul, a veteran journalist and freedom fighter, passed away at a hospital in Agartala, recently. He belongs to  originally which state/country  ?

1) India 2) Nepal
3) Tripura 4) West Bengal
Answer : Bangaladesh
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The famous personality ,Yoshiko Yamaguchi of Japan died in 13th  September,2014. She is known for  --- field.

1) Sports 2) Science
3) Politics 4) Film
5)None of these
Answer : Film
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Who is the chairman of the committee on Credit Information Reports (CIRs), which submitted its report to the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), recently ?

1) Aditya Puri 2) Bimal Jalan
3) Shyamlalal Gopinath 4) Nachiket Mor
5)None of these
Answer : Aditya Puri
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Which of the following State government declared the date September 9  as "Himalayas Diwas" across its state ?  
1) Himachal Pradesh 2) Uttarakhand
3) UP 4) Jammu & Kashmir
5)None of these
Answer : Uttarakhand
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In which of the following city, the Aga Khan Museum has opened, recently ?
1) Beijing 2) Toronto
3) Tokyo 4) New York
5)None of these
Answer : Toronto
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