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Which of the fowling city has hosted the 2014 Internet Governance Forum from September.2-5,2014 ?

1) Geneva 2) New Delhi
3) Istanbul 4) Beijing
5)None of these
Answer : Istanbul
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Which of fowling is the extended deadline by the RBI for implementation of Basel III norms by the Indian banks ?      

1) 31 March 2015 2) 31 March 2018
3) 31 March 2020 4) 31 March 2019
5)None of tsese
Answer : 31 March 2019
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S.K. Jain, who came to news during August 2014, was Chairman and Managing Director (CMD) of which public-sector bank ?     

1) Bank of India 2) Syndicate Bank
3) Canara Bank 4) Bank of Baroda
Answer : Syndicate Bank
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What is the target of fiscal deficit for 2014-15 as announced by the Finance Minister in the Union Budget for 2014-15 ?  

1) 4.5% of GDP 2) 4.4% of GDP
3) 4.1% of GDP 4) 4.0% of GDP
Answer : 4.1% of GDP
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Which public sector financial entity celebrated its Golden Jubilee during July 2014?       

1) LIC 2) IDBI
3) UTI 4) NHB
5)None of these
Answer : IDBI
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The name of Vakrangee Limited, Prizm Payment Services and Muthoot Finance came to news in context with which of the following fields ?

1) Ban on NBFCs proposed by the RBI 2) New banking licences
3) Setting up of Payments Banks 4) Setting up of white label ATMs
5)None of these
Answer : Setting up of white label ATMs
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A Cross Cheque is one, which can be encashed only;
1) by the drawee 2) through a bank
3) through the SBI 4) after it has been transferred to another person
Answer : through a bank
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Commercial  Banks finance rural credit directly and through : 
1) NABARD 2) Rural Banks
3) Co-operative Societies 4) State Government
5)None of these
Answer : Rural Banks
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The maximum amount of the total revenue earned by the government of India comes from-

1) Income Tax 2) VAT
3) Customs Duty 4) Excise Duty
5)Corporate Tax
Answer : Corporate Tax
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Present minimum & maximum limit for RTGS transactions is ____.
1) Rs.50000, Rs 200000 2) Rs.5 lac, Rs 10 lac
3) Rs. 2 lac, Rs 5 lac 4) Rs. 1 lac, No Limit
5)Rs. 2 lac, No Limit
Answer : Rs. 2 lac, No Limit
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