ISBT Awareness for all banking PO,Clerk,IBPS PO,Railway,SSC,IAS,OAS Exams

Under the National Population Register, the Government has approved Phase -V of Unique Identification project which entails generation of how many  Aadhaar numbers by 2015 including enrolled ?
1) 25crore 2) 50crore
3) 80crore 4) 100crore
5)None of these
Answer : 100crore
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The Employees' Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO), World's ninth largest by assets have recently decided to pay interest of - % in this Financial Year,2014-15 ? 

1) 5.6% 2) 6.5%
3) 8.25% 4) 8.75%
5)None of these
Answer : 8.75%
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According to the Wealth-X and UBS Billionaire Census 2014, what is India's ranks in terms of number of billionaires in World ? 
1) Third 2) Fourth
3) Fifth 4) Sixth
5)None of these
Answer : Fourth
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The software giant, Tech Mahindra, India's fifth largest software services exporter, has targeted to $ 5 billion dollar company by - year ? 
1) 2015 2) 2016
3) 2017 4) 2018
Answer : 2017
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As per the World Bank Report, which among the following in India is comparatively easy for outsiders planning to do business here ?
1) Dealing with Construction Permits 2) Registering Property
3) Getting Credit 4) Employing Workers
5)None of these
Answer : Getting Credit
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The Government of India acquired the ownership and control of major banks in 1969 whose deposits were not less than-
1) Rs 40 crore 2) Rs 50 crore
3) Rs 60 crore 4) Rs 80 crore
5)None of these
Answer : Rs 50 crore
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All revenues received, loans raised and money received in repayment of loans by the Union government go into -
1) Public Account of India 2) Contingency Fund of India
3) Consolidated fund of India 4) RBI
5)None of these
Answer : Consolidated fund of India
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Which four Indian cities feature among the Asian Top 10 list of a global survey, when it comes to last-minute bookings for luxury destinations, which are also affordable ?
1) Agra, Ahmedabad, Kochi and Panaji 2) Delhi , Agra , Panaji and Kochi
3) Jaipur , Panaji , Agra and Kochi 4) Ahmedabad , Agra , Kochi and Jaipur
5)None of theses
Answer : Agra, Ahmedabad, Kochi and Panaji
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India's current consumer spending on merchandise (and hence the size of India's retail market) is about $550 billion. By 2020, it will touch or exceed -. 
1) $1 trillion 2) $2 trillion
3) $ 1.5 trillion 4) $2 trillion
5)None of these
Answer : $1 trillion
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Which of the following state hold first e-cabinet meet to usher the Paperless Cabinet, the first ever in the Country, recently ?
1) Karnataka 2) Kerala
3) Andhra Pradesh 4) Delhi
5)None of these
Answer : Andhra Pradesh
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