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American scientists Eric Betzig and William Moerner and Germany's Stefan Hell were announced as the 3 winners of the Nobel Prize October 2014. They have been honoured for their contribution in which field ? 
1) Physics 2) Chemistry
3) Medicine 4) Economics
5)None of these
Answer : Chemistry
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Thomas Eric Duncan the first Ebola patient diagnosed who died on 8 October 2014 thus raising enormous anxiety in that country ? He is the citizen of which country ?
1) USA 2) Liberia
3) Guinea 4) Sierra Leone
5)None of these
Answer : USA
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The major tribal bodies of which State on 8th September 2014 rejected the demand for a separate State called Twipraland ?
1) Maharashtra 2) Tripura
3) Assam 4) Arunachal Pradesh
5)Madhya Pradesh
Answer : Tripura
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Recently,Indian government on 9 September 2014 signed a MoU in traditional medicines with which country ?
1) USA 2) China
3) Japan 4) Israel
Answer : Bangladesh
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The high-level committee that was constituted by Supreme Court in January 2014 in its report on 8 September 2014 revealed that most of the deemed universities are unfit for the status. What is the name of that high-level committee ?
1) B S Thorat Committee 2) M.B Shah Committee
3) H Devaraj Committee 4) B Tandon Committee
5)None of these
Answer : H Devaraj Committee
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As per the Sixth Economic Census 2013 released on 9 September 2014, the highest percentage of hired workers in India is present in which State?
1) Arunachal Pradesh 2) Andhra Pradesh
3) odisha 4) Bihar
Answer : Arunachal Pradesh
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Which of the following is the youngest Indian sailor who has represented India in 17th Asian Games 2014 ? 
1) Chitresh Tatha 2) Jitu Rai
3) Jillian Schlesinger 4) Abigail Jillian
5)Vir Menon
Answer : Chitresh Tatha
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Sendai Nuclear Plant recently come to news that which got the permission to restart its two reactors is located in which country ?
1) Japan 2) China
3) North Korea 4) India
5)None of these
Answer : Japan
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The Supreme Court of India on 10 September 2014 questioned logic behind a state's government's new policy for limiting bar licenses to only five-star hotels. Name the state ?
1) Uttar Pradesh 2) Kerala
3) Tamil Nadu 4) Karnataka
5)None of these
Answer : Kerala
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Which State's High Court on 10 September 2014 ordered to stop discrimination on the basis of caste in cremation at various crematoriums ?
1) Bihar 2) Maharashtra
3) Andhra Pradesh 4) Rajasthan
5)Uttar Pradesh
Answer : Rajasthan
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