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According to American Pew Research Centre ,India has received nearly $11 billion in remittances from the US in 2015. What is the rank of India ranks in remittances from the US in 2015.
1) 1st 2) 2nd
3) 3rd 4) 4th
5)None of these
Answer : 3rd
Explanation : India ranks third after Mexico ($24 billion) and China ($16 billion) in remittances from the US in 2015.
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The Union Railway Ministry has flagged off the maiden broad gage train service dubbed as ‘Tripura Sundari Express’ from Agartala (Tripura) that will cover distance of 2461 kms to which place ?
1) Kolkatta 2) Agra
3) New Delhi 4) Mumbai
Answer : New Delhi
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Recently, the Union Government has constituted the District Development Coordination and Monitoring Committee (DDCMC) for effective development and coordination of Central Government’s programme. Which of the following statement/s is  or are correct ?

A)  It will be known as DISHA and first meeting will be held on August 13, 2016.

B) It will monitor the implementation of 28 schemes and programmes of Union Ministry of Rural Development and other Ministries to promote synergy and convergence for greater impact.

C) The main purpose of the DISHA is to coordinate with Central and State and local Panchayat Governments. 
1) Only A is correct 2) Only A and B are correct
3) Only B and C are correct 4) All A , B and C are correct
5)None of these
Answer : All A , B and C are correct
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The former Vice - president , Ahmed Adeeb has convicted on a terrorism charge for possession of firearms and sentenced for 10 years in prison . Ahmed Adeeb is the Vice - president of which country ?
1) Sudan 2) Maldives
3) Indonesia 4) Afghanistan
5)None of these
Answer : Maldives
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According to Forbes Magazine, Serena Williams has overtakes which of the following player, breaking 11-year reign as the world number one women’s money earner in sports with an assets worth $28.9 million in combined prize money ?
1) Steffi Graf 2) Maria Sharapova
3) Ronda Rousey 4) Danica Patrick
5)Victoria Azarenka
Answer : Maria Sharapova
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What is rank of India in the global list of 130 countries working to clean up its coasts of plastic and other waste last year ?
1) 8th 2) 11th
3) 14th 4) 21st
5)None of these
Answer : 11th
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Professor Parashar Kulkarni has become the first Indian author to win the Commonwealth short story prize. What is name of his short story ?
1) Yasmeen 2) Dirty White Strings
3) The Lost Tribe 4) Cow and Company
5)None of these
Answer : Cow and Company
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World number one Novak Djokovic beat Britain's Andy Murray to win his first French Open title and complete the career Grand Slam. Presently, what is rank of Andy Murray in world tennis ranking ?
1) Second 2) Third
3) Fourth 4) Fifth
5)None of these
Answer : Second
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Prime Minister Narendra Modi  was conferred Amir Amanullah Khan Award, the highest civilian honour of which country ?
1) Bangladesh 2) Afghanistan
3) Iran 4) Saudi Arab
5)None of these
Answer : Afghanistan
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Garbine Muguruza won her first Grand Slam title at the French Open after defeating top seed and defending champion Serena Williams in the final at Roland Garos.  Garbine Muguruza is the citizen of which country ?
1) Spain 2) Venezuela
3) Serbia 4) France
5)None of these
Answer : Spain
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