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Which of the following state government recently launched health insurance cover to every individual in a family on payment of a monthly premium of Rs.100 per head for a year through its project, named as ‘Aarogya Raksha’ ?
1) Andhra Pradesh 2) Gujarat
3) Odisha 4) Maharashtra
Answer : Andhra Pradesh
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The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has opened a new window for non-resident Indian and citizens who were staying abroad since November 8 to deposit the demonetized Rs.1,000 and  Rs.500 currency notes. The deposit facility date can avail up- to - .
1) March 31, 2017 2) April 30, 2017
3) May 31, 2017 4) June 30, 2017
5)None of these
Answer : June 30, 2017
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Recently, a CNG-fueled two-wheeler was launched by in Mumbai, aims at cutting emission level. The ambitious system is launched by which company ?
1) India Oil Company 2) Mahanagar Gas Limited
5)None of these
Answer : Mahanagar Gas Limited
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Indian player Somdev Devvarman has recently announced his retirement from professional game due to shoulder injury. He is associated with which game/sport ?
1) Tennis 2) Golf
3) Lawn Tennis 4) Squash
5)None of these
Answer : Tennis
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PM Narendra Modi Announces Maternity Benefit of Rs 6,000 For Pregnant Women which cover hospital admission, vaccination and nutritional food. What was the amount of its earlier benefit for Pregnant Women ?
1) Rs. 3,000 2) Rs. 3,500
3) Rs. 4,000 4) Rs. 5,000
5)None of these
Answer : Rs. 4,000
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Under Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana (PMUY), which of the following state covers with maximum connections within a span of less than 8 months ?
1) Uttar Pradesh 2) West Bengal
3) Bihar 4) Madhya Pradesh
Answer : Uttar Pradesh
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Recently,Scientists from which country have created the world’s first ‘water-wave laser’ which emits a beam through the interaction of light and water waves ?

1) U.K 2) USA
3) Japan 4) Israel
5)None of these
Answer : Israel
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Which of the following states of India has highest FDI, domestic investments in 2016 ?
1) Karnataka 2) Gujarat
3) Odisha 4) Maharashtra
5)None of these
Answer : Karnataka
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Indian cueist Pankaj Advani won his 11th World Billiards Championships title by beating Peter Gilchrist. Peter Gilchrist is belongs to which of the following countries ? 
1) Australia 2) Austria
3) Canada 4) Singapore
5)None of these
Answer : Singapore
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India won the Kabaddi World Cup 2016 by defeating Iran by 38-29 in the finals at Ahmedabad’s TransStadia Arena on 22 October 2016. This was the third consecutive world cup title for India. Who was adjudged Most Valuable Player of the World Cup ? 
1) Ajay Thakur 2) Jang Kun Lee
3) Anup Kumar 4) Meraj Sheykh
5)None of these
Answer : Jang Kun Lee
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