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The Pension regulator PFRDA recently constituted an expert committee to review the investment guidelines for National Pension System (NPS) schemes in private sector. Who was appointed as the Chairman of this committee ?
1) G N Bajpai 2) Deepak Satwalekar
3) S B Mathur 4) C R Murlidharan
5)None of these
Answer : G N Bajpai
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Recently, which country has won battle against the UN's war crimes probe into the country's human rights record during its brutal civil war ? 
1) Pakistan 2) Iraq
3) Syria 4) Sri Lanka
5)None of these
Answer : Sri Lanka
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Recently, Asian Development Bank (ADB) revised its latest report that India's GDP to be up 0.3% and it would be reach at  -----  % by 2014-15 ? 
1) 6% 2) 6.3%
3) 6.8% 4) 7.5%
5)None of these
Answer : 6.3%
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Which of the following Nationalize bank of India recently launches it's corporate website in Hindi version ?
1) SBI 2) UCO Bank
3) PNB 4) Bank of India
5)None of these
Answer : SBI
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The G-20 Leaders Summit -2014 will be held in Brisbane in November 2014. Brisbane is located in which country ?
1) Germany 2) New Zeland
3) France 4) Australia
Answer : Australia
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According to latest report,which Indian state has large number of tiger population ?
1) Karnataka 2) Gujurat
3) Rajasthan 4) Assam
5)None of these
Answer : Karnataka
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The deadly disease EBOLA first discovered in which country by WHO ? 
1) Democratic Republic of Congo 2) Nigeria
3) Zaire 4) Siera Leone
5)None of these
Answer : Democratic Republic of Congo
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Under the National Population Register, the Government has approved Phase -V of Unique Identification project which entails generation of how many  Aadhaar numbers by 2015 including enrolled ?
1) 25crore 2) 50crore
3) 80crore 4) 100crore
5)None of these
Answer : 100crore
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The Employees' Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO), World's ninth largest by assets have recently decided to pay interest of - % in this Financial Year,2014-15 ? 

1) 5.6% 2) 6.5%
3) 8.25% 4) 8.75%
5)None of these
Answer : 8.75%
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According to the Wealth-X and UBS Billionaire Census 2014, what is India's ranks in terms of number of billionaires in World ? 
1) Third 2) Fourth
3) Fifth 4) Sixth
5)None of these
Answer : Fourth
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