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Where was the G-20 Labour and Employment Ministerial Level Meet held , recently ?
1) Geneva 2) Sydney
3) Perth 4) New Delhi
Answer : Perth
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Recently, India finalized the deal for buying an amphibious landing sea-plane (capable to operate from both land and water) from which country ?
1) China 2) Cambodia
3) Israel 4) Japan
5)None of these
Answer : Japan
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Who is heading the new Nalanda University, which started its operations from 1 September 2014?
1) Prof. Amartya Sen 2) Sam Pitroda
3) Prof. Yashpal 4) Prof.R.A.Mashelkar
5)None of these
Answer : Prof. Amartya Sen
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What is the name of the ambitious e-governance project of the Union Governmen, which aims to ensure that government services are available to citizens electronically ?
1) 'India Digital' 2) 'Digital India'
3) 'My India Digital' 4) 'My Digital India'
5)None of these
Answer : 'Digital India'
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Recently, which of the following India's first naval vessel with all weapon systems built indigenously commissioned into the Indian Navy ?
1) INS Kamorta 2) INS Viswadeepak
3) INS Arihant 4) INS Hansa
5)INS Jalvidyuta
Answer : INS Kamorta
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What is the name given to Google's new initiative of building the largest store of information in human history that autonomously gathers and merges data from across the web to provide unprecedented access to all facts about the world ?
1) Knowledge One 2) Knowledge Graph
3) Knowledge Vault 4) Knowledge Google
5)None of these
Answer : Knowledge Vault
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Recently, Manjulatha Kalanidhi is  came to news .She is associated with which one of the following initiatives/organisations ?

1) Rice Bucket Challenge 2) Bachpan Bachao Aandolan
3) Bandhan Financial Services 4) SEWA
5)None of these
Answer : Rice Bucket Challenge
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Which North-Eastern state during September 2014 announced lifting of total prohibition from the state completely ?
1) Assam 2) Mizoram
3) Nagaland 4) Sikkim
Answer : Mizoram
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What is the name of the newly launched domain name launched by the Indian Government in Devanagari script that includes 8 Indian languages including Hindi and Marathi ?
1) .india 2) .bharat
3) .hindustan 4) .hindi
5)None of these
Answer : .bharat
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India's third navigation satellite IRNSS-1C was launched and placed successfully in its pre-designated orbit on 16 October 2014. This launch was executed by ISRO from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre (SDSC). The SDSC is located in -
1) Tamil Nadu 2) Andhra Pradesh
3) Kerala 4) Karnataka
5)None of these
Answer : Andhra Pradesh
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